What is Kuvik?

We are making high-quality educational toys to teach children reading and make the base mathematical operations alive.
Let your kid be a creative, independent and confident learner!

Playing is learning!

Specially designed for 4-8 years olds.
Based on hands-on learning method and inspired by Montessori pedagogy

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Math... oh, no...

Let's be honest! Math is hard, because it's abstract. We need equipment to understand it. That's why we created the Kuvik Mathematics Activity Kit. It contains 8 different supplies to show the quanity behind the numbers and make Math more playful.

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What a great adventure it is to learn how to read!

The Kuvik Letter and Number Cards are perfect from the beginning. You can use it from letter recognition to creating words even short sentences.

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A is for apple

Is your kid curious about letters? With this beautiful Kuvik Alphabet poster you can show her the alphabet. Browsing together among the letters and nice illustratons is a great fun.

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