Mathematics Activity Kit

Kuvik Mathematics Activity Kit

She counts to ten, but does she really know what ten means? With the Kuvik Mathematics Activity Kit numbers, mathematical concepts, geometry become alive. These colourful, well-varied objects give endless fun and opportunity. Little learners just play, don’t even realise they are learning. Wooden tokens, counting sticks, colourful shapes, teaching clock... you can find everything in one box.


  • 1 pc Learning Clock
  • 1 pc Counting Board (Addition-Subtraction / 0-100)
  • 1 pc Number Line (0-20 / 0-100)
  • 2 pcs Wooden Dice
  • 20 pcs Wooden Tokens (blue/red)
  • 48 pcs Dienes Attribute Blocks
  • 100 pcs Wooden Counting Sticks (yellow, green, white, grey, black, blue, purple, pink, orange, red)

Worried how she will perform in school?

Don't do it! School can be as easy as a game. While she is using her hands to learn she can be experimental and creative. Adding, subtracting with these supplies provides the most stable knowledge.

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